Elyce Klein - Certified Master Health  Coach 

​Specialization in Adult and Senior Wellness

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Weight Loss, Fitness and Health Coaching

Does this sound familiar?

You know what you need to do to get fit and lose weight  but can't seem to do it?  Maybe you just can’t stick with your plan?  Do you find yourself rushed and stressed and you can't stick to your diet or get started on your fitness regime?  Has your weight  been slowly creeping up and you're frustrated because nothing you've done seems to help.

Elyce Klein,  Certified Master Health Coach can help you if you're open to change,  are  ready to succeed and are wiling to try a different approach.  Call me to see what if working with a health and wellness coach would be helpful to you in finding a permanent solution by supporting your personal efforts and new habits.

If you're  ready to move forward by making a commitment to your long-term health and wellness,  let's talk.  Contact me to schedule your complimentary 50 minute weight loss/fitness breakthrough call.

Elyce Klein

Certified Master Health Coach

Feel Fabulous Over 50!

"I work with women  over 50  who are tired of being overweight and want to feel healthy and vital.   I help my clients  get fit, take off the extra pounds, and keep them off."