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How I Maintained my Weight While Traveling in Italy for 5 Weeks.

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Five weeks in the land of Italian bread and omnipresent gelato is challenging.  I was afraid that I would come back 10 pounds heavier so I  made a few choices which made all the difference.  I'm pretty happy because when I got on the scale the day after I returned my weight was only a half a pound heavier than when I left.  Here's how I did it.

1.  Most importantly, instead of staying in hotels and being forced to eat all of my meals out, I rented apartments with a kitchen which allowed me to cook most of my own food.
2. Most days I tracked my food using the  My Fitness Pal app to record what I was eating. When I was started to go a little overboard, this really helped me keep my indulgences in check.
3. I have a food buddy.  We've helped each other over the years with our weight challenges.  I emailed her most days and spoke to her once from Italy.
4.  I walked and walked and walked...up and down those Tuscan hills and many fights of stairs!   I knew I couldn't depend on just this to keep my weight down but it was helpful.
5. Bread was my biggest challenge.  Its everywhere in Italy!  I asked them to stop bringing it to the table once I figured out that this was the norm.  I probably could have done that sooner.
5. I got enough sleep and took a nap when I was tired.  This helped me to make better food choices.

So not only did I have a great trip, but  I'm not carrying a lot of "extra baggage" home with me and that made the experience even better!