Elyce Klein

Certified Master Health Coach

So friends, let's make this February "Love My Body Month".  For those of us who are struggling with our weight or have been fantasizing a different, more fit, trim body, let's make this the month that we both accept ourselves as we are and at the same time focus on who we truly want to be. Let's take action toward achieving our personal goals.  

Let's replace the critic with some words of gratitude for the miracle of life that manifests in this great gift of the human body.  Instead of talking to ourselves negatively let's thank The Universe for our magnificent bodies,their miraculous beauty,  and everything we are blessed to be able to do because of this great gift.  

Love and acceptance is different than resignation so if you are not happy with your shape, size, or level of fitness, then take action and give yourself what you truly want and deserve by accepting my Valentine's Gift to You...

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