How I Maintained my Weight While Traveling in Italy for 5 Weeks.

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How did it go over Thanksgiving?

After three holiday parties and then a yummy Thanksgiving dinner I'm up a couple of pounds and really feeling it.  For me, the holidays go all the way until January 5, my birthday. Brutal!

 I'm taking action now, not in January, to arrest and reverse this upward creep.  Here is what I'm doing:

1. I set up an appointment with my health coach to get the support I need during this challenging holiday season.

2. I am talking with my weight loss buddy at least every other day.  We're helping each other with our daily food and exercise plans.

3. I gave myself a holiday present of several "Cool Sculpting" sessions. You'll hear more about that next month. Last time I did this it gave me more motivation to eat mindfully and keep up my exercise and I dropped eight pounds.

4. I made myself a big pot of vegetable bean soup which I am going to eat for a couple of meals a day this week.  I always lose when I eat this filling, satisfying, low-calorie meal.  What works for you?

5. I am continuing to track my calories every day on Fitness Pal.  My personal daily goal is 1,200 calories and I am trying to stick to that on days when there are no holiday events.  I dropped three pounds last week doing this. 

Since I am not one to forgo celebrating the holidays with food, I need all of these strategies to help me get through the holiday without gaining.  So what your strategy to Maintain Not Gain over the holidays?