Weight Loss/ Fitness

Kick Starter

This two month program is the perfect program for you if you need help getting started  with your efforts to lose the weight or make any other changes.   Maybe you looking for a way to take off the extra weight you've been carrying around and keep it off.   You know what you should do but can't seem to take the steps you need to take and then maintain those changes.  The  guidance, support and accountability that a coach can offer can make all the difference.   

Losing the weight and keeping it off is what matters. You want to know that someone who "gets it" is working closely with you; coaching, motivating and inspiring you to finally get past your plateaus and frustrating self sabotaging!  You want daily accountability and support.  You want to kick start your efforts and want to reach a new level of success with your efforts to transform your body and create  your best life now.

60 day  program

  • 60 minute special welcome kick-off session  where we evaluate your current health status and start building a belief system that supports your weight loss efforts
  • Twice weekly 15 minute coaching sessions over Daily accountability, planning, support via email
  • Four 15 minute follow up sessions to be used at any time client needs additional coaching. 

Feel Fabulous Over 50!

Weight Loss, Fitness and Health Coaching

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

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Elyce Klein

Certified Master Health Coach

Additional Coaching Services

  • Feel Fabulous Over 50 Weight Loss
  • Senior and Adult Wellness
  • Make Health Your Habit
  • Slow Down and Smell the Roses
  • Open Your Internal Pharmacy
  • Visioning Your Next Phase
  • I’m retiring, now what?
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Health and Wellness Education
  • Customized Coaching, support and accountability to reach you goals.

Personalized Weight Loss Coaching Programs

​​​Weight Loss/ Fitness Reset

By giving yourself the gift of daily support and accountability for six months you're helping yourself to finally move beyond the frustration of being stuck in old patterns.  This comprehensive program allows you the time to make a big shift in your life, to finally reach your weight and fitness goals.  You're ready!

Six month program Includes:
  • 90 minute special welcome kick-off session where we evaluate your current health status and start building a belief system that supports your weight loss efforts
  • Two 20 minute coaching sessions per week
  • Daily accountability, planning and support via email
  • 1 hour coaching session at 90 days
  • Six  20 minute follow up coaching sessions to be used at any time the client needs additional coaching.