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Elyce Klein

Certified Master Health Coach


Here's something to consider before you dive into that chocolate cake, sugar has been shown to feed cancer cells and has been connected to breast, ovary, prostate, rectum, lung, gallbladder and stomach cancers. Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein, cause gastrointestinal concerns and been connected to kidney disease, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, alzheimers,  diabetes and insulin resistance and heart disease. In fact, one cardiologist even declared that virtually all of his patients who suffered heart attacks also had above normal blood glucose levels.



Many  of us love our sweet treats.   For example, I don't intend to totally give up ice cream.  So how can we moderate our sugar intake without going bonkers and feeling deprived? Here’s a few tips for taming the sugar monster:

1. READ LABELS.  Watch out for hidden sugar that goes by other names
2. EAT MINDFULLY. If you know there’s going to be cake at the party decide in advance how much sugar (if any) you’re OK with eating and visualize yourself sticking to that.
3. HALT.  Try not to get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.   All can lead to binging on sweets.
4. PREPARE.  Take healthy snacks with you.
5. VISUALIZE  success in advance when faced with tempting high sugar foods.
6. EAT A BALANCED DIET with plenty of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and complex carbs to stabilize your blood sugar.
7. SHARE A GOAL of eating less sugar today with a friend and check in tomorrow to see how you did.  Repeat until the sugar cravings have subsided.