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 "Elyce walks her talk.  As someone who has struggled with food and weight issues all my  life,  Elyce listened and had some wonderful ideas and advice for me. With compassion and concern, she addressed my questions without judgment. I would recommend  her services in a New York minute."   

               - Toby S, Berkeley, CA

Elyce Klein

Certified  Master Health Coach

"If you are like me, you are no longer 25 (well, or 50, for that matter), and you know what you need to do to eat well and get/stay in shape.  But you don't do it.  That is where Elyce comes in.  She really listens to your goals and learns what works for you, then helps you develop a day by day (or hour by hour, if that's what it takes) plan to make it happen, and stays with you through the ups and downs of the plan.  She is patient, flexible, non-judgmental, encouraging, realistic and focused on the task.  She doesn't try to be your friend or your therapist and it's pretty impossible to distract her from her mission.  Which is necessary, in my case!  Maybe in yours too.  I even recommended her to my mom, who is also making terrific progress."

                                                 - Crystal, Richmond, CA

"I  want to thank you for our sessions. You really helped me when I was in a difficult place and looking for change.  The quality of my life has vastly improved.  I have a job I love, I walk to work and I just feel so good all over. I have lost 10 pounds too!!"                                - Mary C, Berkeley, CA

"Elyce is a people person and great to work with.  She is clear, personable, a superb listener and asked me questions that got right to the heart of my issues. Best of all, she knows how to go step by step, not too fast or slow, but just right, and knows how to help prioritize what's most important."

         - Amy G, Berkeley, CA

Feel Fabulous Over 50!

"Ive been working with Elyce this year and she's been amazing. If you're thinking about getting some help with your wellness goals Elyce would be a great choice.

"The benefits I've gained from working with her are more than I imagined. In the last two months I have lost weight, my energy is great, I have stopped taking ibuprofen because I'm not in pain anymore, I sleep well, and I'm much more up for doing the things I enjoy. It's been a totally worthwhile investment. If you're on the fence, do it! You'll be really glad you did.​"

                                              - Julie T,  Oakland

"Turning 60, I was needing a shift in my life and habits. Elyce is amazing and a great guide to helping you get your life’s goals and balance kick started and into action.  I wanted renewed vitality, to manage my time better and to lose a little weight.

"She asked the right questions and knew how to tailor what I needed just for me. When things got stressful I was able to rely on her work with me and I felt the strength because I was feeling much healthier in body and soul, and I lost 10 pounds! Thanks, Elyce!  Big time!  Life is good!"  

                                                                      - Laurie S, El Cerrito, CA

"I have known Elyce for over 10 years and witnessed her skill and dedication as a weight loss and health coach. She combines a wonderful blend of support, focus and follow through in her work.

" I always know that I can count on her to be there, to inspire me and also to hold me accountable for the goals I have set.   

"In Elyce you will find a trusted partner to map out  and reach the goals that will elevate your life from fair to fabulous!"

                                                     - Lisa V,  Santa Cruz,  CA


Here is what Elyce's clients say:

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Where can I start? Six months ago I was feeling pretty down about myself and my world. I am 60, and it seemed that every time I went to the doctor, I would have another health issue. I weighed over 200 pounds and I'm 5'2". That's a lot of weight to carry on my small frame. I ran into a dear friend who looked absolutely svelte and I asked her how she did it! She had always been fit and active but this was different and I couldn't imagine how she could have looked so incredible. I felt like was dying a little bit more every day, and she was stunning. She said she was working with a wellness coach, Elyce, and gave me her number. The short of the long is, I've lost 45 pounds in less than 6 months. And I did it the healthy way. My health has improved, my mood is improved and I feel like I am back among the living. I couldn't have done it without Elyce.

                                                               - Judith, Phoenix, AZ